Thursday, June 07, 2007

last Saturday, my friends called me to join an interview to be a guide and translator. actually, it is a very surprising day, because i even didn't get any information that the test would be held in that day. when he asked me if i were interest in that program, i said "yesss!" but, he told me in a very confusing way, so suddenly i went to the test place before the time schedule. i seemed like a lost child in a lost city. i ... was ... alone!

i waited them in that place for an hour. then, they came one by one. the test was held in 20 minutes for each member of participant, and i became the first person who was being interviewing by the native speaker. i was very nervous and strange about my self. every question she asked made me feel like an alien. the next interviewer also did the same and made my brain pulled a bucket smoke. i was exhausted and starving to waiting for the last participant.
after that, we have to wait for three days until last night, we got the result.

at 7 p.m last night, i got a phone from Mrs. A that i am one of the participant who is accepted for that program. i am really happy. but, it is not the end of my journey, because the very big things will wait me there.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

when we were a child, we just focused of one single thing without look at somebody else who was watching us. when we were a child, we had an objective thinking to examine everything. we didn't care about happiness and sadness, because we suddenly thought that life was just at the time, didn't care about what happen yesterday, and what will come tomorrow. it was seems like we lived in our own world and nothing to be worried about.

But ...

when we grown up, we know how cruel this world where we will spend our live time. we should consider of every single thing for living . we can't no more think objective. we are forced to think real and logic. we have to compete with somebody else to get a job, fortune, etc. At this time, we realize that how beautiful live when we were a child. a time when we just knew about happiness and not familiar with sadness.

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