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First of all, I would like to say Alhamdulillah to ALLAH SWT, God of all universes, my lord who has blessed me with life, love, spirit and lot of knowledge in finishing my study as well as completed my thesis. Also the great greeting and praise to my beloved prophet Muhammad SAW, his holy families, and his followers.

It is a particular pleasure to thank my thesis advisors Dra. Nurindah, M.Pd and Azhariah Rachman S.S., M.A for the time they spend and invaluable help they gave. Their excellent input, ideas, criticism, and comments have enriched this thesis. The writer realizes that their kindness and tips gave many contributions in developing my thesis writing and were very helpful to pursue my successful presentation. Special thanks to my beloved parents, for their love and support me morally as well as materially. My parents have supported me in everything I have pursued, for which I am very grateful. Very big love for my fat brother “Ditra,” my little sweet sister “Sri,” my grandparents, my cousins Ola’s and Fira’s family also for all relatives who always provide me a place to share my sorrow and happiness.

I would like to express many thanks to following people;

1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Usman Rianse, M.S., as the Rector of Haluoleo University.

2. Drs. H. Barlian, M.Pd, as the Dean of Teacher Training and Education Faculty.

3. Drs. Sahlan, M.Pd, as the Head of Language and Art Departement FKIP of Haluoleo University.

4. Drs. Kamaluddin, M.Pd, as the Secretary of Language ad Art Department of teacher Training and Education of Haluloleo University.

5. Drs. Rohmana, M.Hum, as the Head of English Study Program.

6. All lecturers in English Department. The influence their teaching has had on me can not be understated, nor can my gratitude to them. Especially for the most inspiring person, “NASA,” from the bottom of my heart thanks so much for moral and intellectual support that you gave me during my study in English Department.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge the help I have received from; Ibu Ati, k’Winda, Emis, Uky, Isra, Diana, Ily, k’Sul, Fitri02, Ija03, Ojer03, Cici03, k’Halim, k’Tuti, k’Yamin, k’Ije, Mumu, Bili, Peteng, all my friends in English Department primarily the 2004 students (Kadir, Asis, “Las kecap,” “NEYIS Gank,” Ida, Indah, “Ira’s Gank,” Arni, Yoyon, Rosna, Gayos, Rumi, Dewi, Tati, Wawan, Darlin, Darno, Hero, Niar, Dewi, Muthia, & Harni, all of you guys!) who helped me in one way or another during the course of my study and writing up of this thesis. Great appreciation to my talented best friends, “THE BIG GANK” (Nova, Aminah, Gida, Ce2ng, Ri2n, Ema, Ucol, Ozz, Daniel, Zutra, Risal), Thanks ‘Jengs’ for all support, love, kindness, and every single moments you gave me for these years. Special thanks go to Sri, Kasria, Ayu, Fitri, Rani & Ani, “Walacea’s Staff,” “Gebyar English 2007’s committee,” and KKP friends for the nice time we’ve spent. I’m so delightful to have you guys stood right beside me because every single thing you did means a lot to me!

Kendari, November 2008

Darna Wati

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