Sunday, June 28, 2009

i want to be a person who can say "I WILL DO IT" no more saying "I CAN'T DO IT."

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

go to east of asia (japan, korea, cina, and taiwan) and western country is my obsession. I can't believe that i'm so close to them.

first experience was in 2007, i become a translator for UK students and now even i don't have money to go to japan, but fortunately i have a chance to work with japanese (freelance) in here, in my own town. they are agriculture researcher in promoting technology transfer (JIRCAS). they are so farm and friendly but very diligent of course. it's not my type to say anything about my job now coz what i've been through until now is what make me happy. well, it's me!!!

i got many experince, not only in doing such a translation and interpretation job, but also i got experience in visiting farming land in downtown. it's fun, especially we're harvesting tomatos, cucumbar, and lots of vegetable and bring it home. i called this a path to make my dream comes true.

i wish in the future i have make it true not just a dream, make my family, friends, and lecturer proud of me. amin ya rabbal alamin!!!

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