Saturday, March 07, 2009

do you miss me? I've been missing for two months without confirmation what happened to me. hmmmm... let's start from what happened in February 5th... my family and I moved to our new house in Andounohu... it's not really nice experience i thought because everything made me crazy... all the stuff were messy and i couldn't control my mind to ignore them... so... i put them in order and helped my parents to clean them all. busy... tired... and so stressful. hiks... hiks... hiks... after that everything get bored... i was jobless...i cooked, i cleaned the house, i become disappear from the world outside.

until one day in late February i found a book "Twilight" (Stephenie Meyer) which made me got my strength to release me from tears and brought me to the world of vampire. i always love vampire! but this vampire made my heart skip beat... not easy to breath and sometimes felt a kind of vampire sensation... hmmm... recomended to be read!!! don't miss it!

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