Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alhamdulillahirrabbil a'lamin
Thank you Allah SWT with the joy that You gave me today.
even though I through this month with many tears and regrets,
but then... I can finishing my study and completing my thesis.
I was so guilty to someone during my research.
I owe her for this.
but... I believe everything started from a chance, the second is something I can not avoid
and... what happen to me is the third... a destiny.
satisfaction for being a Sarjana.
Do I deserve to be happy? do I deserve to get this predicate? to I deserve to satisfied for this?
well... I don't know.
i'm grateful that I can replace the word 'sorry' to Thank U so much to all people who being along with me.
many things happen... all means a lot to me.
I dont want to talk about yesterday... let's talk about tomorrow... what will I do... just go with the flow... Chayooo!!!

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Monday, November 10, 2008

i did it again!!!
it's the second time I did something beyond my control
no no no... whatever the reason, it is all my fault! god shake!
I'm a phatetic, selfish, ungrateful person who lack of self-defens and self-confidence
I'm gilty!!!
no words could heal my sin
I made my lovely lecture disappinted
I'm so desperate to find out this truth.
I have to make everything clear N change it into something good
even it would not back like the former time.
It so hard to do.
I wish upon a star that every apology will be replaced by many thanks.

perhapsLOVE4:26 AM |


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